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hey how are you doing lately?

you don't seem to be around much these days,

I miss seeing you around on tumblr, even though we're not good friends or anything.

well i don't know how to tell you to get better or if you even are sick. the truth is some people like you, are just in tune with some very real very blunt things. i think that life is really a terminal disease and it might be better to just know that sooner instead of later. some people are happy, some are pretty fucked up, and some are both. maybe being both is best, i personally like those days when everything is crazy and happy and then all the sudden everything feels like hell. at least you're feeling something, even if you don't care for the end result. 

I think the whole concept of what life is, is just fucking sad; we all want stupid shit, we all want things that we'll ultimately lose in the end anyway. you know how people use roller coasters for metaphors on life? well, the goddamn roller coaster is fun for some people, and not fun for others. however, most people find it scary and it will always end sometime, probably when things are just getting back to normal. i guess what i'm trying to say is; either way, you should do what you want, enjoy it (or not) and fuck everything else.

i would have send you an email but i'm lazy and have no idea how to explain what i'm trying to say haha


sometimes it seems to be the only way.time cures everything.

все будет хорошо.

this is fucking brilliant

apocalyptic, paranoid chaos

you inspire me


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