Лист від MONO до фанів з України

A letter from MONO to all Ukrainian fans

On sunday July 17th we travelled to Lviv for our first show ever in Ukraine.
We have been looking forward to this concert for a long time and we prepared ourselves the best way we could.
Throughout our communication with AZH proceeding the concert we were confident it would be an amazing night.

When we arrived at the Ukrainian border we ran into some unforeseen problems regarding paperwork formalities and we were denied entry into the country after we spent 6 hours at the border.
The fine people of AZH promotions tried to assist us the best they could and even travelled to the border to help us clear the situation, but there was no way around it, we were returned to Poland.

We wish to apologize for everyone who purchased a ticket and to everyone who helped with promoting the show. We realize this is a disappointing evening for all of our fans, and we are gutted this has happened.
Taras and Margo from AZH promotion and their team, who have worked so hard to bring us into the Ukraine have done all they could to get us into the country, and we will work with them to return to Ukraine to make up for it for everyone who came out to see us.

To all our fans in Ukraine, please understand we were in good faith and believed we had all we needed to cross the border, and also AZH promotions have done all they could to help us . We feel enormously frustrated as we travelled from far to play in front of all you beautiful people. We will work with AZH promotions to return to Ukraine and share our music with you - because we hate to fail you.

Thanks for your understanding.



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