eimog: "Music for us is a part of the universe, a part of the big dream"

Sometimes the only thing you need is to slow down and stop for a minute. However, it can be dangerous, especially on heavy traffic roads and crowded streets where you’ll be run down¸tromped or both. But eimog’s  debut album has been recorded as a slow one. Playing the music, the band often forgets to let the listener go, moving his from one disappearing galaxy to another. They remind Will Destroy You and Steve Reich combined into one. After extensive touring over their own country, the Italian quartet that plays  intimate post-rock with classic traditions is going to visit our country as well, Kyiv and Lviv this autumn, so acquaint yourself closer with these guys. 


The last step over

Saved By Thirteen

Building Empires Upon This Landscape

May Tries To Be June




AZH: What are you doing at this time?  

At this time we're promoting our record "Scenario". We're working on a film about it with a young but famous Italian film maker. We are really excited... It was a dream for us and now it will be possible. Of course we're constantly on stage promoting our brand new live show. It is really different because now we present a real "show" full of lights in a very classical atmosphere. 


AZH: Please, tell us more about this film.  
Well, it will be something special. We were thinking about something that could explain who we are on video. Making a video clip isn’t something we care about. 
We wanted to make a concept film about "Scenario". Tony Trupia is a young film maker. He lives in Rome. 
We decided to put everything that could talk about our life, music, past, future on this film. 
Maybe it will not have a story. The music will describe every single image. We are able to talk just trough notes. 
We'll make everything in Sicily, our home, the place where we grew up, the colors we know exactly... Here we live, here we have our family, our friends... All the important things we need to spend a quiet life. We'll show all the secrets we keep, all the words we have never said before. The film is a dimension we want to explore, a new atmosphere around eimog's life. It is just another way to spread our music. 
AZH: Could you tell us about your upcoming tour in Canada?
We can't go to Canada right now for thousand reasons. We wanted but before going there we have lots of things to do, but we will manage it, maybe it will happen around December. It is really hard for a band of "worker" to ask free days, but it is something we really want to make. 
2 years ago we couldn't think that our music could reach all of these people around the world. But now this is what has happened and we're proud of all the sacrifices we have made. 


AZH: What was the deciding moment, which made you want to play as a band? 

We decided to start on it when we made a few of shows just for fun. We saw all the persons answer in a strange way to our sets… people started to say "hey… you're special"... So we decided to try to be a band, tour all the time and record stuff. Now we're here. 
AZH: What is your musical background? Who are your band members? What stimulates you to write the music? 

Our backgrounds aren't so easy to describe. Personally I grew up with hardcore music, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today and all the music I could listen to. Every member has his personal background. We used to listen to everything we could. Every kind of sound from every part of the world. Right now we feel stimulated by all the experiences we make every day in our lives. This is the true eimog background: the life. 


AZH: How would you describe your music to people?  

Our music is just what we are into our deep feelings. It is the only thing makes us feel happy to exist. 

AZH: Please, tell us about the creative process of your debut album "Scenario".  Why it took so long time to get released? 


 It took so much time cause we wanted to be sure to write what we had in our heads. 
A big, glorious record is able to describe everything about us. Every composition followed a long process. We stayed hours and hours talking about the sound, the explosions. Every part has been dreamed. We wrote it in a beautiful house in the countryside, so all the landscapes we saw gave us motivations, ideas, the right feelings to sit and play with romantic freedom. So I could say that "Scenario" has been written "thinking without think". 


AZH: How would you describe the music scene of your country? Does your surrounding influence the music you write? 

Italy it is a strange place. Thousands and thousands of bands. Little clubs that won't give you the chance to play. We don't feel stimulated by the Italian scene, but of course the ambient where we live is important for what we say with notes.


AZH: Could you tell us about the gig "Splendidi gli Eimog all'Al Kenisa"? 

We made a liveshow in Enna (Sicily). A strange place. It is an old desecrated church. You could smell the antique taste of the walls... 
Everybody were sitting down. We felt held by every single person there. We got thousands and thousands emotions. A local TV came to make an interview and video review of the concert. 
AZH: What concert you remember best of all? 
I think the most beautiful live show we made has been at Ypsigrock festival (Castelbuono).We played with APPARAT and the day after DEUS was playing. 
It is an incredible festival, today one of the most important in Europe. we are proud we have been a part of this. It means lots for Sicily, Italy. But also I remember our Irish tour, and all the gigs we’ve made. Every live show it is the only moment that creates a connection between our music and the people. This is the reason why we have to carry on. Music for us is a part of the universe, a part of the big dream. 


 interviewed by Taras Khimchak
edited by Ivanna Cherukha


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