Naoki Ishida: "It is interesting to feel something changed little by little every day"

Naoki Ishida - is a young Japanese, who creates a cozy music with unique shades from the surrounding noise, guitar fragile reefs and electronics. He publishes his albums on the Kyiv experimental label QuasiPop. Alexander Khaverchuk decided to ask the musician how he creates his music and how he found people from Ukraine. 

AZH: First of all, how did you find Ukrainian label QuasiPop? You see, not many people in Ukraine know it and you were the first Japanese musician whose CD has been issued on this label.

- I found QuasiPop on the net by chance. At that time I was looking for the label which would release my CD. I was really happy because I like this music.  Then there arose interest in QuasiPop and Ukraine. And I sent the demo. It was really unexpected!!

AZH: Your music consists of field records, guitar sounds and some electronic, would you tell us about the process of your music creation. What do you use as the base, what is the main for you?

- First of all, I record drone and guitar. I have beforehand very very simple musical layout image in my head. And I perform as the improvisation based on it. At the end I record other instruments (synthesizer, laptop, some analogue instruments) only a little afterwards. I think my recording process is not special at all. But I don't take only one thing as the base, so you might feel there is a strange process.

AZH: Your first album sounds like uninterrupted sound flow, there is not too much difference between the tracks. When listening I’ve got an impression that it is one track played repeatedly, please tell how did you record this album, with  which  mood, how did you find inspiration for it?

- I was selecting the same musical element as much as possible. However, it is an improvisation and it is not same at all. It is a record how it changes by the situation and the state at that time. For example... when I was recording "Lunar Sinus", it was a rainy day and I was tired. When I was recording "Structure of IKI 2", it was fine feeling (night). I was interested in the subtle change, not a big one.

AZH: There is repeated sound of cigarette lighter in all tracks of Tone Redust. How many cigarettes have you smoked when you were recording this album?

-...Sorry, I don't remember.

AZH: Your second album (Fazing Redust) varies much more and it’s more musical but we can hear some sounds and samples from Tone Redust, which difference is between these albums for you?

- After having finished teh recording of "TONE REDUST", I began to record "FAZING REDUST". At first, I was going to create "FAZING REDUST" as the remix of "TONE REDUST". But, there was not much of base material. Little by little, I was adding sound. Then it has changed naturally. So, you can listen to a part of "TONE REDUST" from "FAZING REDUST". Especially, "Structure of IKI 0" "Fazing Redust" "Cliche" etc.

AZH: Would you tell us about your live performance, how does it happen?

- My performances seem to have different impressions depending on a place, even if I play the same tune. For example... day, night, fine, rain, outside, inside etc... You can watch my performance video on MySpace. You might have an impression entirely different from the video when you see my another performance. (Sorry, I have only uploaded a video.) Recently, I often project the movie (I created) onto the screen.

AZH: Where do you usually have  performances (music festivals, music clubs or art clubs)?

- I often play at music clubs, art clubs, cafes, bars. I want to play at music fetivals.

AZH: Are usually invited or you find the places for shows by yourself?

- I’m invited.


AZH: I listened to several new tracks on myspace, your music became more replete, there appears piano's sound. How do you see your next album in particular and your music in general?

- Thank you!! Yes, these tracks are mine, and they will be recorded in my next album.

AZH: You started in a rock band, do you think about adding someone in your work now (I mean transform your soloistic work to trio or duett)?

- ...For the moment, I don't think about such. Sure, I am interested in working with someone. I know there is something which can't be created only by myself. I participate in projects (like A NEUMO) that is different than solo work, little by little. But they are not purely my works.

AZH: What could you tell about A NEUMO?

- A NEUMO is a band I started with my friend Tomoko Nakatsuka. We thought that we could create interesting music blending her softly piano and my sound. But it is still incomplete.

AZH: The whole year passed from the time you  released your albums. Have anything changed for that period? Have you got what you wanted? What response did you get in Japan (how did your friends and relative react) to the release?

- They are interested in my works and my musical situation, like you felt me. Many of them support me. For example... booking, promotion, not musical creations I can't do However, of course there are people who are not interested in my creations.

AZH: Could you tell us something about yourself, what music and literature do you like, where and how do spend your free time, which Japanese events could you advise for us.

- Music... I often listen to pop music, ambient, noise, traditional music. Yesterday I listened to Tom Waits, Marc Ribot, trapist. I like literature too, Japanese literature, SF, and I often read comic books. Osamu Tezuka, Shigeru Mizuki, Fujio F Fujiko, you know? Recently I often take a walk. Because I like view of the town and landscape. Japan has beautiful four seasons, therefore, scenery changes gradually day by day. It is interesting to feel something changed little by little every day.

AZH:  Aren’t you a professional musician? (or I’m not right)? Who are you?

I do web and softwere programming. And design for web layout and some handbill.

AZH: Thank you for the talk, have lucky 2008 year, more inspiration and releases and surely come to Ukraine with concerts!

Thank you!! I would be happy, if I could go to Ukraine!!

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