Creative and movement workshop based on a method of Jacques Lecoq will be held in Les Kurbas Center June 28 - July 2

Talking body   

Workshop based on the method

of Jacques Lecoq

by Agnes Domonkos (Hungary)


Jacques Lecoq (1921-1997) established a school and educational journey in Paris, his point of wiew was „everything moves” and his method was based on observing life as it is, the dynamics of nature, finding the essence of it and putting it in the body. How to be „big”on stage, charge the space and make it alive..

 This five days workshop is an introduction into creating a fully alive body on stage: to act and react with it and let he words appear.  Step by step we are finding characters, working with the dinamycs  of movement,  space and group. Natural elements, materials, colours, lights, words and sounds are discovered trough the miming body and later enrich character acting.

Sessions each day:

           -  warming up of body and space (stretching, waking up the body and voice and opening up towards the group and the space)

            - movement exercises (introduction into enboding different qualities, like materials, lights, colours, paintings, words, 

music and animals)

          -   break (20 minutes)

          -   improvisation, creation (individual characterwork and group creation/improvisation based on the different physichal qualities we found with coaching and feedback of the trainer)


Maximum number of participants: 16

Working language is English.


Date: 28 june - 2 july,  10:00-14:00

Place: Kurbas Centre,  (Volodimirska  str. 23 V) , 4-th floor

Application: In Kurbas Centre, 3-rd floor, rehearsing room, weekdays from 10:00-14:00 with filled application form and workshop fee of 250 Hryvnas. More information and application form you can download from, and either e-mail it or bring with You.

Deadline: 24-th june.

Contact:  Agnes Domonkos     068   355 00 75

               Mykola Bondarchuk  095   171 16 74

Agnes Domonkos (HUN)

    performing artist, trainer

         I always imagined performing art as a combination of movement, musicality and drama and was looking for these connections..  Studdied mime in Amsterdam, where I understood that theatre starts from the body itself. Then I digged deeper into physichal theatre and in the method of Étienne Decraux in  Barcelona (Escuala de Mimo), which showed me the  possibility how to be big and opened with the body and create dramatic aspects with it but still was searching for something more „alive” and less technical.  Then I got a schoolarship at Performers House in Denmark, where we had a great oppurtinity to start interdisciplinary studies in theatre, dance and music. Here I had the chance to taste the working method of Odin Theatre and Commedia de’ll arte and got more and more fascinated by working with masks.  I saw a mask show and was amused by the level of physicality and body work of the actors and here I found out that the performers followed the method of Jacques Lecoq. It became clear to me that this technic is my way and applied to London International School of Performing Arts and dedicated my next two years to this method of creating theatre and performance. During this journey with some of my classmates we established a theatre company ”Relax Your Face” and were touring in London, Denmark and   Budapest with our grotesque comedy scetches.

         After graduation I had a possibility to participate in the curriculum of Moving Academy of Performing Arts, and took part in light design, artistic leadership and projection workshops in Kiev and Beograd. 

         Besides performing teaching also became my profession, in Performers House I assist as a teacher in physichal theatre, holding workshops in mask works, Lecoq style and sitespecific theatre. Teaching, peforming and learning. About theatre, about life…



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