port-royal: Night in Lviv

It seems it was the first Lviv gig of a suchlike band: powerful, thrilling, impressive and making fly. Wonderful visual accompanying on a large wall behind the playing musicians and live communication via chat once in a while like: “It’s our first time here in Ukraine, and we really like it, and we are not afraid to dance anymore”. Not only the musicians were dancing but the audience as well: “You cannot just stand there”, one of the attendees said.


But the interview wasn’t as serious as the atmosphere of the gig because it consisted mostly of jokes and laughter. So now we know that port-royal are not only serious and hard-driving musicians but simply nice guys with a sense of humor. The interview wasn’t planned but the guys appeared to be open for communication and answered several spontaneous questions straight after the show. Attilo, Alexandr and Sieva took part in the interview.


So first of all, how did you like Lviv?
Oh, we walked in the city center around 2 hours, great.

Who has done the videos for your gigs? How much time do you spend on them?
Attilo: Sieva, personal interview for you!
While we are standing and chatting, Sieva packs his laptop on stage than Atillo calls him to join us, few additional random-joke-questions are being asked.

Do you like Liam Gallagher from Oasis?
No (laugh).You should ask us about Noel too.

So what about Noel?
We don’t like him as well.

While we laugh Sieva approaches us.

So who did the visual work?
Sieva: Yes, I take drugs! (Pause) I’m joking. (Smiles)

Do you like those guys from Oasis?
Sieva: Oh, I don’t.
Attilo: We like Putin! Putin or Oasis. Better Putin or Yanukovich?

How important do you think visuals are for music perception? And is it your hobby or kind of a professional thing that you do for living?
Sieva: It’s my personal interest; actually I spend a lot of time on it. Port-Royal is an expensive hobby, I don’t make money on it. (you can see more great Sieva's works at http://myspace.com/sieveso)

Another question is about Radiohead, there is a guy called Jonny Greenwood, I think he is a fucking genius. How about you?
Yeah, but he’s not such a great music influence for us.

You’ve been talking about you taking part Moderat's gig in Berlin and Prague.
No, its just Sieva visited both gigs.

Do you like them? The way they act on stage? Do you get some kind of inspiration from them?
Not much. But you know, personally... No I enjoyed the show a lot but … the way they play. hm...

And which musicians do you like?
We like Mogwai, their first album
Attilo: He likes ATB (pointing at Alex).

Oh come on.
Attilo: No, seriously.
Alex: Haha, yeah we all like them.
And everybody starts laughing

What software do you use to create music?
Ableton, Reason, Acid, Logic.

All of them just need a partner.
Yes, it depends. You can do some parts with one program, than some with another one, than you mix it together.

And how do your rehearsals look like? Like you make one part and you make another and mix them together? Or just jamming?
Attilo: There is this another guy he's a friend of mine and he's also a member of the band and we do it together.

So its both jamming and putting the parts together?
Attilo: Yeah, both.

And do you do much touring?
Lately not so much because I was busy with getting my PhD in Philosophy. (Cheers)

And maybe you’ll name the countries you liked the most?
Here we like it, its amazing. I really like Ukraine; I called the song with Kyiv name.

Oh yeah! Nights in Kiev, right? So you really have been in Kyiv.
Attilo: Yes, 5 years ago, I was there as a tourist, amazing?

Hey, and you should write a song about Lviv now!
Ah, Lvov?

No, no Lviv, Lvov is Russian word and we say Lviv!
Oh, ok

The show was wonderful, when will you come here again?
Maybe after the next album recording.

And btw what about traditional instruments?
I played A FENDER guitar as I loved Smashing Pumpkins a lot (when I was a kid). But I don’t like them after 1995, just till 4th album. And Billy Corgan is cool.

Do you like his solo project?
No, I don’t.

Would you go to Smashing Pumpkins show now?
Only if it was free of charge or if I could talk to Billy about Nietzsche. I know he likes Nietzsche.

So what about current music, which music do you like now?
Oh, we would like to keep it a mistery, ok? (laughs) You can ask us something personal like "Is he a gay?" (points at Alex).

So ok, are you a gay? (everyone's laughing)
Attilio: I’m not.
Alex: Me either.
But she is a gay! (points at some random girl) Oh, sorry, lesbian!


Done by Ivanna Cherukha, Elena Asimar, and Zlaya Sabaka

See also: Video: port-royal in Kyiv


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