Gregor Samsa

Gregor Samsa

Gregor Samsa - гурт із Вірджинії, США, заснований Чемпом Беннетом у 2000-му році.

Два роки тому автор блогу The Needle Drop поставив учасникам гурту кілька запитань, що стосуються назви, їхнього взаємозв'язку із пост-роком як музичним жанром та інструментами, що використовуються в їхній музиці. Ось вони разом із відповідями:

"Gregor Samsa" is either a reference to Kafka's novella, Metamorphosis or Venus in Furs. What sort of inspiration do you draw from literature?

The name doesn't imply any direct connection to literature. While some of us read more than others, I don't think we are any more or less inspired by literature than any other band.

The designation, "post-rock" is often associated with your music. Is that a fair observation? Do you feel the sound of the band is suited to a genre in particular?

This idea of "post-rock" is kind of a joke. It didn't even make sense ten years ago when it was used to describe everything from Labradford to Tortoise. Now it seems to be used to describe bands who have a penchant for directly ripping off Mogwai or Godspeed You Black Emperor, so I suppose it's even a little offensive. I realize that genres are necessary for classifying music, but for us, it's a little frustrating to be pigeon-holed like that. We just want to make music.

Your classical instrumentation sets you apart from your musical peers and gives great luster to the music. Did you initially set out with the idea of embracing the integration of harmonic devices such as the clarinet and violin? Or did the necessity of those agents manifest themselves during the compositional process?

I keep a list of instruments that I want to use. Clarinet has been on the list for a while, but I didn't know anyone who could play it well. When Toby and Jeremiah stepped into the picture I knew I wanted the next record to have clarinet all over it. Gregor Samsa has always relied heavily on timbre and sound, but we get bored very easily so we're always trying to discover new sounds.

У даний момент у складі гурту:

Champ Bennett - гітара, піаніно, вокал
Billy Bennett - ударні, семпли
Nikki King - Родес-піано, клавішні, вокал
Jeremiah Klinger - гітара, кларнет
Cory Bise - бас-гітара
Bobby Donne - синтезатор
Mike Ashley - ударні
Mia Matsumiya - скрипка


55:12 (CDLP 2006)
Rest (CDLP 2008)
Over Air (CD 2009)

Gregor Samsa (CDEP 2002)
27:36 (CDEP 2003)
27:36+2dot (LP 2004)

Split with The Silent Type (2001)
Split with Red Sparowes (2005)

Live in New York with Olafur Arnalds, July 2008

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